Well hello...

Welcome to Out of the Mountain Records. 

A new space in which a collection of music/visuals/cultural writing will collide in what I can only hope to be a visceral pile up of all things sensory. Obviously the word 'records' in the title suggests this will be a place where music will be very important, the driving force behind it all if you will, but music is only one pillar of art, there will be much more. So hope to hear some new music slowly trickling out from time to time, along with interesting mixtapes and blog posts by myself and other guest contributors about what is floating our proverbial boats in the world of sound, visuals, books, food, your pets, my pets, who knows? 

So stick around, follow us on FB/Twitter/Instagram too if any of this seems like something you could sink your teeth into. 

Diolch/Thank You

Gez Ruggiero [Plyci]